Turn Off Laptop Monitor

Navigate to Download page to download the software to turn off laptop monitor. Controlling your laptop' or notebook's screen / monitor was never so easy. Get Complete control over your laptop's monitor.

Please do scroll below to see what all the software download has to offer.

Desktop Icon

Screen shot of Desktop Icon to Turn Off Laptop Monitor

System Tray Menu

System Tray Menu to Turn Off Laptop Monitor

Change/Start Screen Saver Manually

Screenshot of a dialog box which allows to change screen saver easily

Computer Idle

Screenshot of Computer Idle dialog box to allow to Turn Off Laptop Monitor, when computer left idle for defined duration

Duration Selector

Screenshot of Duration Selector Dialog Box to select duration after which to turn off laptop monitor

Mouse Cursor Tracer

Screenshot of Mouse Cursor Tracer Dilaog Box to select the action to be performed when mouse cursor is parked at a corner of the desktop screen


Settings Dialog Box to do much more...

Create Desktop Shortcut(s)

Screenshot of Create Desktop Shortcut Dialog Box

Auto Shutdown

Screenshot of inbuilt functionality to allow auto shutdown of computer after defined minutes

Keyboard Shortcut

Screenshot of Keyboard Shortcut Dialog Box to allow creation of keyboard shortcut(s) with/without command line parameters

Log Off from Workstation

Screenshot of a dialog box which allows to configure whether and when to log off from the workstation automatically, when no user is using the workstation actively (i.e using keyboard or mouse)

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